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What is the Run Off?

The Run Off occurs at the end of the wet season as the flood waters subside. If you are interested  in Barramundi fishing you should consider Run Off Barra Fishing.

With these subsiding waters both Barra and other fish that have been stuck in the freshwater billabongs for the dry season make their escape while others choose to make their way into the Billabongs. Also over the wet season many fish have been breeding in the floodwater and as the waters subside are washed out into the tidal salt water. This results in a congregation of salt water Barra all there for an easy feed, this bonanza for the Barra is also a bonanza for anglers. When the conditions are right the Barra Fishing during the Run Off Barra Fishing can be mind blowing.

Run Off Barra Fishing Options

Live Aboard Barra Fishing :: Shady Camp

5 nights / 5 days
Less Tim Travelling = More Time Fishing Flexible Fishing Times Fish that late tide when others are heading home
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Shady Camp Run Off Barra Fishing

2-5 Days
Noted as a Big Barra Location The peak Barra season Fishing the Flood Plains Casting the Coastal Feeder Creeks
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from $650 pp pday

Run Off Barra Fishing Kakadu National Park

3-5 Days
Peak Season Barra Fishing Limited Guides can Fish Kakadu Fishing a Heritage Listed National Park
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